What will ET look like when we meet him/her/it?

About the Blog

This blog is all about extra-terrestrial life.  Evolution, origins of life, ecology, chemistry, physics, intelligence, and many other topics could be covered in the context of what ET will look like when we meet him/her/it.  Moreover, I want to have fun and learn from other folks so please comment! (Note that this is not an academic page, simply a page for discussion and discourse! I will cite my sources to keep from plagiarizing but otherwise, use the power of the Google!)

List of possible future topics:

-silicon based life?

-axial tilt and daily rotation

-intelligence in autotrophs

-what makes an organism?

Convergent Evolutions






-extreme social hierarchy


Origins of Intelligence

-social complexity/communication

-dietary complexity

-parental care

-predator avoidance

-opposable thumbs

Favorite Aliens


-Martians from Stranger in a Strange Land

-Avatar aliens

-Alien aliens

-Are humans really that great?


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