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About Me

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To say I was stunned by my GRE scores would be to understate the case.  My high verbal and quantitative scores were only what I expected.  But how could my writing score have gotten so low? I write well.  Don’t I?  After thinking about it at length, I realized the last real compliment my writing received was just after high school.  The intervening time has been filled with learning to write technical papers.  I seem to have forgotten that technical does not mean emotionless.  Humans relate to emotion, passion and personability whether they realize it or not.  So in learning to write good technical papers, I never even realized that even technical papers must connect to their readers on more than just the subject matter.  Yes, scientists should seek to remove bias and error from the process of inquiry (or at least measure them).  However error =/= emotion.  Scientists are not computers and can not be computers.  Instead of regarding emotion as a handicap, we as scientists should use emotion to inspire, to create and to inform our writing and our science, even as we seek to eliminate error.  I write this blog on a subject I am passionate about in order to bring my inspiration to life.

In 2012 (about when I started this blog) I started learning to code in Python. I LOVED it! So I decided to go back to school in computer science. After a couple years of undergrad classes, I started grad school. I don’t sleep anymore but I am doing research into machine learning and artificial intelligence and I’m working on some very, very cool projects as a research assistant. I’ve got another blog, all about my cool computer projects. Because grad school, I will not be able to post on either blog as much as I’d like.

Since my first chapter book, I have been reading science fiction and fantasy and dreaming about other worlds.  I love being outside, and I have worked in some of the most remote places in the US.  Moreover, I am good, really good, at working in remote, wild places.  I also like to travel, rock climb, do yoga, and backpack. I consider myself an amateur photographer, but I have a lot to learn in that department.  Someday, I’d like to go sea kayaking, pick up backcountry skiing again, and find the perfect beer for every meal I eat.


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