What will ET look like when we meet him/her/it?

I found this podcast called Geeks Guide to the Galaxy which I LOVE! You should check it out.

This week has been crazy (if anyone can explain to me the mechanism by which rear axle bearings freeze up I would be eternally grateful!) so I haven’t posted much. I am sorry Reader. I will post lots tomorrow and over the weekend!! I promise!

Question for the reader: What high school/college subject most terrified you?

For me, it was chemistry. I found math achingly simple and fun. Biology, history, English were all a breeze. But chemistry?? Whathefuk? Even worse, organic chemistry? … *shudders* You probably have noticed my lack of chemistry oriented posts. Reader I seek to change this fear of chemistry of mine but I need your help. I need ideas for chemical subjects to research and post on. So comment! Please? Help me with your ideas and my fears? Please?


Comments on: "Geek’s Guide To The Galaxy" (2)

  1. Math was awful for me.

    Chemistry wasn’t bad. I liked the creativity of it, the combinations, and how everything around us — hard and soft, light and heavy — can essentially be broken down into essentially a handful of elements.

    • That’s a cool way to look at it! I always loved the way math concepts, especially in calculus, could be explained graphically and the interplay between graphs, equations and words. Thanks for the comment!

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