What will ET look like when we meet him/her/it?

Do aliens have zombies?

I spent all day sucking down smoke from a nearby wildfire in my beautiful outdoor workplace. I am so tired but it’s been a while since I posted. I don’t want to disappoint you, readers! The good news is I am not a scientist (yet) so my stuff doesn’t have to be backed up by data and logic. Ergo, today’s subject is zombies!

I like watching zombie movies and such because: A) they give me insight into the human condition (yes guys are still interested in girls despite the zombie apocalypse!)  B) I like to think of myself as self-reliant. I think I’d do well. Of course I’m not such a good shot so maybe not. C) Someday I want to be an extra in a zombie movie. I feel it’s my duty to support the zombie movie industry!

Please comment: Do you think extra terrestrials would have a zombie movie equivalent? Extra credit: Why do you watch (or choose not to watch) zombie movies?


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